LPV Show

A podcast about photography and photobooks.

Produced and hosted by Bryan Formhals
Audio Production by Tom Starkweather

From 2014 to 2016, we produced 50 episodes of the show, speaking to photographers across a wide spectrum of genres about their work and some of their favorite photobooks.

Episode 3.26 - Graham MacIndoe & Susan Stellin

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In this episode, our final of the season, we are joined by photographer Graham MacIndoe and writer Susan Stellin to discuss their new memoir Chancers, which tells the story of their relationship over the course of Graham's heroin addiction, arrest and imprisonment at Riker's Island and Immigration Detention, and eventual release and road to recovery. In the second half of the show, we discuss a few brilliant photobooks as well Graham's early days as an aspiring photographer in New York in the 90s.

We are thrilled to have this episode as the season finale. I've known Graham for a few years now and ended up reading the book in about three days. It's a great story that covers some very relevant contemporary issues in an innovative way. Graham and Susan are two of the most thoughtful, intelligent people I've met in New York, so it was a great to have this conversation with them.

Episode 3.25 - Jason Jaworski

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In this episode, we are joined by photographer and zine maker Jason Jaworski to discuss the stories behind his brilliant zines, the relationship between text and image, how he got his start, the freelance hustle in Los Angeles, and several interesting books from his collection.

I was introduced to Jason's work by our mutual friend Olia Yatskevich of 10x10 photobooks, and knew we'd have to have him on the show. Fortunately, a few months later Jason reached out to us because he was a fan of the show. He also mentioned he was coming to New York soon, so it all worked out perfectly.

Jason Jaworski (b. 1987) is a writer, photographer and artist best known for his intimate portraits, sprawling textworks, large scale performance projects, and deeply personal artist books, all of which have been published and shown in numerous exhibitions around the world, along with having been performed privately to persons as wide ranging as Ringo Starr and Werner Herzog. His most recent exhibition, Thinking Of You, was nominated for an ICP Infinity Award in the arts category, while an artist book he created to accompany the exhibition was chosen as one of the top ten photobooks of 2015 by 10x10 Photobooks. He also runs SSK Press.

Photobooks Discussed:

  • Sea by Jason Jaworski
  • Two Winters Long by Jason Jaworski
  • Rome Alone by Jason Jaworski
  • 1000 Miles by Jason Jaworski
  • Thinking of You by Jason Jaworski
  • LABYRINTH by Jason Jaworski
  • The Secret Museum of Mankind + A Private Anthropological Cabinet of 500 Authentic Racial-Esoteric Photographs and Illustrations Hardcover – 1934 by Robert Meadows
  • Who Killed Robert Prentice (A murder mystery) by Robert Wheatley
  • Otsuchi. Future Memories. Photographs by Alejandro Chaskielberg,
  • BOOKDUMMIES: An Imaginary Studio, a Non-stop Process 1993-2015,
  • Memories of a Dog. Photographs and text by Daido Moriyama. + Jason Jaworski’s xeroxed version.